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Permanent Restraining Order Set Aside

We represented a mother who had two children with a drug addict who was paranoid, erratic, and violent. In 2015, the father filed a restraining order against the mother with false accusations. The mother did not have any money to hire an attorney at the time, she did not know the law or understand the court process, and she ultimately lost at the hearing. The father took advantage of the restraining order for the past 7 years by controlling her and keeping their children away from her. He has lived with her despite the restraining order, but anytime he wanted her to leave, he would tell her that he is going to call the police and have her arrested for violating a Court Order. After a thorough review of all the court records from 2015 and the current evidence, we filed a 61 page motion (with exhibits) to terminate and set aside the permanent restraining order against our client. The Judge granted our motion and this injustice has now been remedied.

Practice area(s): Family

Court: Contra Costa County