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What is the DissoMaster?

Posted by Michael Geller | Dec 01, 2022 | 0 Comments

Some of the most hotly contested and complex issues in California divorce proceedings pertain to child support and spousal support payments. In an effort to systemize and standardize child support and spousal support payment obligations, both family law practitioners and California courts routinely rely on “DissoMaster” software. This software enables legal professionals to enter specific financial figures provided to the court through financial disclosures to calculate the amount owed, if any, for child support and spousal support. In fact, the Superior Court of California has relied on DissoMaster in divorce cases for over two decades. 

Overview of the Component Parts of a DissoMaster Report

A DissoMaster report will typically contain three components, or columns, containing distinct pieces of information.

The first component of the DissoMaster report contains income information, which will appear as monthly or yearly amounts. There will be a section dedicated to income information pertaining to the father and income information pertaining to the mother.

The second component provides the guideline support figures calculated from the income information detailed in the first component. The second component will detail the adjusted net income for each party individually and the total income for both parties. There will then be a section detailing the child support amounts the payor spouse will be obligated to pay. This amount will be calculated in accordance with California statutory guidelines. There will also be an alternative method of calculating support based on the settings used in the DissoMaster program. The total proposed amount of the support obligation may differ from the amount of guideline support.

Summary of Applicable Deductions

There will also be a component detailing any applicable deductions. Similar to how deductions work when filing an income tax return, these figures are important as they can reduce your support obligation to an amount that is easier to pay. If applicable, it is important for you to check if the relevant deductions were applied to calculate the total child support and spousal support obligation, including:

  • Health insurance premiums: This amount includes health insurance premiums and other costs and is deductible from your income.
  • Mandatory retirement contributions made to a government retirement plan that are deductible from your income for purposes of calculating support.
  • Itemized deductions such as the cost for property taxes and deductible interest expenses.
  • Required union dues

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