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Post-Decree Modifications

Post-Decree Modifications Lawyer Serving Contra Costa County

In the years following a divorce, it is quite common for circumstances between the divorced parties to change to a point where alterations to the divorce agreement are necessary. These alterations are commonly referred to as post-decree modifications. They are legal motions filed either by you or your ex-spouse in the wake of a divorce. Post-decree modifications are typically sought due to a change in circumstances (e.g., large pay increase or decrease from a new job, a job loss, a change in health status, etc.) or a breach of contract between you and your ex-spouse.

Modifying an existing divorce decree is not easy and requires an extensive understanding of the laws and regulations governing post-decree alterations. This is why it makes sense to retain the services of a post-decree modification lawyer with The Geller Firm. When you have a Lafayette, Orinda, and Moraga post-divorce attorney from The Geller Firm on your side, the odds of reaching a favorable outcome in the case improve dramatically. 

Change in Circumstances Sufficient to Seek a Post-Decree Modification

It is important to understand that not every minor change in your life will call for a formal modification of your divorce decree. In fact, there are only specific circumstances where filing a motion for a post-decree modification will be worth the effort. Those circumstances include: 

  • Sudden illness or injury to your child
  • Change in employment status
  • Moving out of the county
  • Moving to a different state
  • Seeking a change in custody status with your children 

Modifications May Be Temporary or Permanent 

It is important to note that a post-decree modification can be either temporary or permanent. Ultimately, it will depend on the specific facts and issues associated with your modification request. Some modifications, such as a change in custody status with your children, could be permanent, whereas a pause in making spousal support payments may be temporary. 

Important Information About Spousal Support Modification

If you are looking to make a post-decree modification to your monthly spousal support payment, it is important to know that you need to meet a certain threshold before a court will even entertain approving the modification. The key criteria necessary to meet the threshold includes:

  • A sudden increase or decrease in your income
  • A dramatic change in child-rearing expenses
  • The unexpected loss of assets or property

Important Information About Child Support Modification

Similar to spousal support, there is a specific criteria that needs to be met before a court will even consider modifying a child support order. That criteria includes:

  • You encountered a sudden loss of income
  • There was a dramatic increase in child-rearing costs
  • You refuse, or your spouse refuses, to pay child support

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