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  • PENAL CODE § 243 Assault and Battery Complaint Closed

    September 2022

    Details of this case cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality. Read On

  • PENAL CODE § 488 Larceny "Petty Theft" Complaint Closed

    September 2022

    Details of this case cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality. Read On

  • Default Judgment Entered

    September 2022

    After the opposing party failed to respond to our client's Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, we filed a Request to Enter Default, which was granted by the Court. Read On

  • Child Custody & Visitation Dispute Settled

    August 2022

    We represented a father in a child custody and visitation dispute. The father was moving to another city in the Bay Area and he needed to adjust the current co-parenting plan. In addition, the father wanted to modify the summer vacation schedule. Due to the different parenting philosophies of the parents, there was a dispute between the father and the mother of what was in the best interests of the children. After a lengthy negotiation, we were able to successfully resolve the dispute outside of court and file a Stipulation and Order, which was approved by the judge.  Read On

  • Temporary Emergency (Ex Parte) Orders Granted

    August 2022

    We represented a mother who previously used a legal document preparation service to request custody orders of her two minor children in a DVRO proceeding against her ex-boyfriend. The paperwork was unfortunately not properly prepared and the custody orders were denied, which the mother believed put the welfare and safety of her children at risk. The Geller Firm was then retained and we filed a separate request for Temporary Emergency (Ex Parte) Orders, which were granted by the judge. The children are now safe with their mother. Read On

  • High Income Divorce Settled

    August 2022

    Our client was a highly paid employee at an S&P 500 company. After many months of legal action regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, attorney's fees, and division of marital assets and debts, we settled the case on all issues with a favorable outcome for our client. Read On

  • Petition for Child Custody Dismissed Under UCCJEA

    July 2022

    Our client was the father of a child who lived in the State of Nevada for the past 5 years. Although there has been no formal child custody order between the father and the mother, the father has been the primary caregiver of the child in the State of Nevada while the mother has had occasional visitation in the State of California. At the conclusion of a one week visitation, the mother refused to return the child to their home and filed for joint physical and legal custody in the State of California. Based on the facts, we concluded that this legal action was improper because the State of Nevada should have jurisdiction over this case Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). We worked with a law firm in the State of Nevada to get an emergency court order to return the child to the father, contacted the local police department to enforce the court order, and dismissed the mother's petition because the State of California does not have jurisdiction over this matter. Read On

  • Penal Code § 851.91 Petition to Seal Arrest Record Granted

    July 2022

    We successfully sealed the arrest record of our client who was wrongfully arrested for domestic battery in Alameda County. Read On


    June 2022

    Our client was the victim in a car accident who suffered personal injuries at the fault of a distracted driver. The insurance company attempted to settle this case with a low-ball offer before we were retained. After a thorough investigation of the facts, and evaluation of medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering, we settled our client's personal injury case for $125,000. Read On

  • Child Custody and Visitation Modification Denied

    June 2022

    Our client was the Respondent in a child custody and visitation case where the Petitioner was attempting to get full physical and legal custody of the minor child with no visitation to our client until an emergency screening was conducted. We filed a responsive declaration, attempted to settle the matter with the Petitioner, and prepared for the hearing. At the hearing, the Court granted our proposed order with no changes to the current custody and visitation schedule. Read On


    June 2022

    The Geller Firm was able to get another Domestic Violence Restraining Order dismissed in Alameda County. Additional details cannot be disclosed due to another pending matter between the parties in family court. Read On


    May 2022

    Details of this case cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality. Read On

  • Pharmacy Technician License Revocation Stayed

    April 2022

    We just saved the livelihood of a single mother who receives no child support in Solano County. Our client made a mistake outside of the scope of her employment, but the California Board of Pharmacy wanted to revoke her pharmacy technician license. Our firm was retained with a short period of time until the administrative law hearing. We immediately reached out to the Office of the Attorney General, requested a continuance on the hearing, and started preparing an aggressive mitigation package. The Board rejected our initial mitigation package and wanted to proceed with the hearing for revocation. We made several adjustments to the mitigation package, prepared a legal defense for the hearing, but also pleaded to the Deputy Attorney General that revocation is an unjust result in this particular case with severe consequences to this family. We were very fortunate to have a just and reasonable attorney on the other side, which resulted in us being able to settle this case with our client keeping her license and being placed on 3 years of probation. Upon successful completion of probation, her license will be fully restored. Read On


    March 2022

    After 5 months in a court battle over pet custody, our client was awarded her beautiful dog. Additional details cannot be disclosed due to a pending criminal court case. Read On


    February 2022

    Details of this case cannot be disclosed due to ongoing litigation on other issues.   Read On


    January 2022

    Our client was the Respondent in a domestic violence restraining order case in Solano County where he was not allowed to contact the mother of his child or see his new born son. After our investigation, we believed that there was no violence and no credible threat of violence. We filed a response to the allegations and prepared a mitigation package for the hearing. Despite a very emotionally draining process, we were able to come to an agreement with the Petitioner and have the hearing vacated. Read On


    December 2021

    Our client needed protection from her mother, but she did not want to get her mother in legal trouble. We first filed a Request for Temporary Restraining Order, which was granted by the judge in the County of San Francisco. Then we negotiated a private agreement with the opposing party's counsel that accomplished the goals of our client. Read On


    November 2021

    Our client did not pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) within the 6-year/6-attempts policy of the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and was no longer eligible to sit for the examination. After our investigation, we discovered there was good cause to petition the NCCPA for an exception to policy. We contacted the NCCPA, prepared a legal argument, and scheduled a hearing with the Review Committee. After the hearing, our client's eligibility to take the PANCE was reinstated. Read On


    October 2021

    Our client was bitten by a dog while delivering a package to a residence during the course of employment. The property owner refused to compensate our client. After our investigation, we discovered that another package delivery driver was also bitten by this dog in the past. We then filed a claim with the property owner's insurance company. Despite a lengthy negotiation, we were able to settle the case for a satisfactory amount. Read On


    September 2021

    A petitioner filed a Request for Order to modify child custody against our client in Solano County. After reviewing the petitioner's declaration and conducting our own investigation into the matter, we concluded that it was not in the best interests of the child for child custody to be modified. We filed a responsive declaration and prepared our client for the scheduled hearing. At the hearing, the judge denied the petitioner's Request for Order to modify child custody. Read On

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