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  • High Conflict Divorce Settled

    We successfully settled a high conflict divorce in San Francisco County involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, violations of standard family law restraining orders, taxation of NFT sales, and a buyout of spousal support in a long-term marriage. Read On

  • High Asset Divorce Settled

    The Geller Firm successfully settled a high asset divorce involving real property in California, real property outside of the United States, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and cash accounts. This case required the involvement of a forensic accountant to perform a Moore Marsden calculation because some of the property was purchased before marriage. Read On

  • High Income Divorce Settled

    Our client was a highly paid employee at an S&P 500 company. After many months of legal action regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, attorney's fees, and division of marital assets and debts, we settled the case on all issues with a favorable outcome for our client. Read On


    We were co-counsel at an ex parte evidentiary hearing in Marin County where we successfully defended our client (Mother) against the Father who was making false child abuse accusations against Mother's fiancee, and attempted to take away child custody from Mother, put Mother on supervised visitation with her child, make Mother complete parenting classes, and restrict Mother's fiancee from having contact with the child. Read On

  • Five Year Restraining Order After (Long-Cause) Hearing Granted

    We were able to successfully obtain a 5-year restraining order after a long-case hearing (also known as a "mini-trial") for our client in Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa. Read On

  • Three Year Restraining Order After Hearing Granted

    We represented a married woman with children who had an emotional extramarital affair via text messages (known as “sexting”). Her husband discovered the text messages. Our client asked the other party to stop contacting her so she can save her marriage and family. The other party refused. He continued to contact her despite her pleas for him to stop. The other party also insulted her husband, provoked her husband, and threatened her husband. To make matters more complicated, the other party previously admitted to a history of 5150 psychiatric holds and building a handgun. We believed there was a credible threat to our client and her family so we filed a restraining order against the other party. We first had a temporary restraining order in place, and now the Court granted a 3-year restraining order after the hearing. Read On

  • Permanent Restraining Order Set Aside

    We represented a mother who had two children with a drug addict who was paranoid, erratic, and violent. In 2015, the father filed a restraining order against the mother with false accusations. The mother did not have any money to hire an attorney at the time, she did not know the law or understand the court process, and she ultimately lost at the hearing. The father took advantage of the restraining order for the past 7 years by controlling her and keeping their children away from her. He has lived with her despite the restraining order, but anytime he wanted her to leave, he would tell her that he is going to call the police and have her arrested for violating a Court Order. After a thorough review of all the court records from 2015 and the current evidence, we filed a 61 page motion (with exhibits) to terminate and set aside the permanent restraining order against our client. The Judge granted our motion and this injustice has now been remedied. Read On

  • Civil Harassment Restraining Order Dismissed

    We successfully dismissed a civil harassment restraining order in Contra Costa County. Read On

  • Restraining Order Dismissed

    We were able to successfully get a restraining order dismissed for the respondent in Superior Court of California, County of Alameda. Read On

  • DVRO Dismissed

    We successfully defended and dismissed a domestic violence restraining order in Richmond, CA. Read On

  • DVRO Dismissed

    We represented a wife in a domestic violence restraining order filed by her husband. The husband claimed that he was the victim and that our client was the aggressor in the incident. Our client claimed the opposite. We decided to file a cross restraining order against our client's husband. Once our client's husband received a copy of the restraining order against him, he decided to drop his restraining order against our client. Read On

  • Parentage Case Resolved

    We successfully resolved a parentage case involving paternity, child custody, child visitation, child support, attorney's fees and costs, and other important issues. Our client will get sole physical custody, sole legal custody, above guideline child support, $25,000 in retroactive child support, and $5,000 in attorney's fees and costs. The opposing party will be getting supervised visitation and must attend court-approved parenting classes. Read On


    We represented a client who purchased a pet dog while living with their significant other. Our client was the primary caregiver of the pet dog during their relationship and after the relationship ended. Several months later, our client's significant other retained an attorney and claimed ownership of the pet dog. After we reviewed the pertinent legal documents, we discovered that both parties were named as the Buyers on the Bill of Sale Agreement, and both parties contributed monetarily to the purchase of the pet dog. As a result, they were both legally entitled to the pet dog. We were able to negotiate a buyout, which gave our client 100% ownership of the pet dog, and the opposing party a temporary visitation schedule. Read On

  • Child Custody & Visitation Dispute Settled

    We represented a father in a child custody and visitation dispute. The father was moving to another city in the Bay Area and he needed to adjust the current co-parenting plan. In addition, the father wanted to modify the summer vacation schedule. Due to the different parenting philosophies of the parents, there was a dispute between the father and the mother of what was in the best interests of the children. After a lengthy negotiation, we were able to successfully resolve the dispute outside of court and file a Stipulation and Order, which was approved by the judge.  Read On

  • Temporary Emergency (Ex Parte) Orders Granted

    We represented a mother who previously used a legal document preparation service to request custody orders of her two minor children in a DVRO proceeding against her ex-boyfriend. The paperwork was unfortunately not properly prepared and the custody orders were denied, which the mother believed put the welfare and safety of her children at risk. The Geller Firm was then retained and we filed a separate request for Temporary Emergency (Ex Parte) Orders, which were granted by the judge. The children are now safe with their mother. Read On

  • Petition for Child Custody Dismissed Under UCCJEA

    Our client was the father of a child who lived in the State of Nevada for the past 5 years. Although there has been no formal child custody order between the father and the mother, the father has been the primary caregiver of the child in the State of Nevada while the mother has had occasional visitation in the State of California. At the conclusion of a one week visitation, the mother refused to return the child to their home and filed for joint physical and legal custody in the State of California. Based on the facts, we concluded that this legal action was improper because the State of Nevada should have jurisdiction over this case Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). We worked with a law firm in the State of Nevada to get an emergency court order to return the child to the father, contacted the local police department to enforce the court order, and dismissed the mother's petition because the State of California does not have jurisdiction over this matter. Read On

  • Child Custody and Visitation Modification Denied

    Our client was the Respondent in a child custody and visitation case where the Petitioner was attempting to get full physical and legal custody of the minor child with no visitation to our client until an emergency screening was conducted. We filed a responsive declaration, attempted to settle the matter with the Petitioner, and prepared for the hearing. At the hearing, the Court granted our proposed order with no changes to the current custody and visitation schedule. Read On


    The Geller Firm was able to get another Domestic Violence Restraining Order dismissed in Alameda County. Additional details cannot be disclosed due to another pending matter between the parties in family court. Read On


    After 5 months in a court battle over pet custody, our client was awarded her beautiful dog. Additional details cannot be disclosed due to a pending criminal court case. Read On


    Details of this case cannot be disclosed due to ongoing litigation on other issues.   Read On

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